The results of the project are wide in variety as they aim to create a whole new cooperation model between VET providers, industry representatives, research organisations and stakeholders in general. The CoVEs, once established both as national and transnational networks, will offer a more vibrant ecosystem made up of educational institutions, companies, public stakeholders, and other relevant organizations.

The project will considerably reduce the gap between job market needs and vocational education offer through enhanced level of innovation and quality in terms of cooperation, course design and delivery of educational content.

   At the same time, the CoVEs will mainstream an equality-oriented approach to VET -such as the sustainable energy one- which sees a very low level of participation from women of all ages and education levels.

   The new paradigm promoted by SECOVE will comprehensively re-modulate the work and cooperation protocols put in place so far in favour of a quality-based, innovative, and overall meaningful VET offer in the sector of renewable energies.



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Set up, governance and funding
of the SECOVE Platform

D2.1 – Roadmap for the establishment of the SECOVE platform.

Expected release: September 2023

D2.1 – SECOVE Web Portal.

Expected release: September 2024

Making VET relevant and 
addressing sustainable development

D3.1 – (English) Trends on technological changes and their impact on qualifications


D3.2 – (English) Recommendations for alignment of VET courses to Smart Specialisation Strategies (RIS3)


D3.3 – Challenge-based modules for entrepreneurial mindset and skills

Expected release: September 2024


D3.5 – Common units on sustainable energy using VR

Expected release: September 2024

Promoting synergies between VET,
labour market and regional needs

D4.1 – Business – education partnerships for work-based learning

Expected release: June 2026

Making SECOVE inclusive and
encouraging women in technical professions

D5.1 – SECOVE Observatory on inclusiveness/attractiveness of VET practices

Expected release: September 2024

D5.2 – Awareness-raising campaign

Expected release: June 2025

D5.3SECOVE Guidelines and recommendations for inclusive and attractive VET and education

Expected release: June 2025

Promoting and sustaining
quality and innovation in VET

D6.2 Innovation hubs & operational manual

Expected release: June 2026


D6.3 – Competition for applied research projects

Expected release: June 2026


D6.4 – Success stories and policy recommendations

Expected release: June 2026


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