„Theatre of the Oppressed“ Workshop in Cagliari

✨ Promoting Inclusivity and Attractiveness in VET – Theatre of the Oppressed Workshop to Overcome Stereotypes and Prejudices in Educational Paths ✨

The SECOVE project sets out with the ambitious goal of establishing a Platform for Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVE), a collaborative force dedicated to innovation, inclusion, and excellence in the sustainable and renewable energy sector. CoVEs will evolve into ecosystems of local expertise, providing high-quality professional skills to both youth and adults, contributing to regional development, innovation, and social inclusion.

A concrete step towards the project’s goals was the „Theatre of the Oppressed“ Workshop 🎭 held in Cagliari on January 15, 2024. This event engaged secondary school students and teachers, presenting an innovative methodology to overcome stereotypes and prejudices in educational paths.

💡Workshop Objective:

Identify biases and societal expectations influencing students‘ choices, particularly those of young women, regarding their future. Theatre was chosen as a dynamic, creative, and enjoyable means for this exploration.

🎭Theatre of the Oppressed Methodology (TDO):

Originating in Brazil in the ’60s, TDO is an educational methodology globally utilized as a tool for social transformation. Through games, exercises, and theatrical techniques, the workshop brought to light societal conflicts, encouraging active audience participation in addressing and resolving the represented issues.

🤝 Collective Engagement:

The audience was invited to intervene on stage, contributing to identifying collective and creative solutions to the presented issues. The methodology facilitated active involvement, allowing everyone to reflect on societal influences on educational and career choices.

🌈 Exploring Freedom to Choose and Be:

Using image theatre, „human statues“ were created to share the challenges in educational or career choices in an enjoyable manner. Through the forum theatre technique, a collective and creative exploration was initiated on possible solutions: How can we break free from societal conditioning? What role does family and school play? How can we ensure freedom to choose and be?

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