SECOVE Challenge-based training

Excited news! The development of the course: Empowering VET Teachers: Fostering Entrepreneurial Mindset in Sustainable Energy Innovators is completed. This course is a pivotal deliverable of the SECOVE project. Our course adopts and supports a holistic approach, promoting creativity, inclusion, and an entrepreneurial mindset.

With the SECOVE project as its backbone, this course aims to modernize VET education by utilizing new and innovative educational methods, such as challenge-based learning. The goal is to equip VET students with 21st-century skills essential for success in the sustainable energy sector.

The course comprises five modules, each designed to empower VET teachers in fostering an entrepreneurial mindset among their students:

  • Module 1: Entrepreneurship: Foundations & Curriculum Integration
  • Module 2: Empowering Innovation through Active Methodologies
  • Module 3: Leveraging Ideas and Opportunity Notions
  • Module 4: Beyond Money: Exploring All Your Entrepreneurial Resources
  • Module 5: Go for it: Transforming Ideas into Action

Developed within the SECOVE project, this course combines the expertise of partners from Polytechnic University of Porto in Portugal, Politeknika Txorierri in Spain, Sapienza University of Rome in Italy, University of West Attica in Greece, and Technical University of Košice in Slovakia.

Designed for teachers at VET teaching EQF levels 3-5, this course is built on The European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework (EntreComp). EntreComp consists of three interconnected ideas: Ideas and Opportunities, Resources, and Into Action.

We hope that the exploration of entrepreneurship for sustainable energy innovation can be both enlightening and fulfilling. We wish VET teachers to enjoy the process of acquiring new knowledge and skills that will not only benefit their teaching practices but also inspire students to become future innovators in the field.

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