National Workshop in Spain (February 2023)

On February 7th, 2023 the Spanish National workshop in the Spanish Basque Country. A global energy leader based in the Basque country, Global Smart Grids Innovation Hub-GSGIH hosted this event in its premises located in Bilbao.

The workshop was attended by 20 participants (Companies – local SMEs, Multinationals, VET providers – Association, Individual providers, Cluster), along with the Spanish partnership of project SECOVE, consisting of:

The workshop started with an introduction of the SECOVE project, which was followed by a presentation on Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs). A presentation for The Global Smart Grids Innovation Hub of Iberdrola. They showed great interest in collaborating with the project and possibilities were discussed as we all have a common aim to help respond to the challenges of the energy transition.

Afterwards the dynamic of the workshop was explained to the participants. They were divided into two working groups.

Both groups worked in parallel, discussing about the topics of the questions that were given to them by the partners. Their inputs were shared and discussed together.


Main highlight was the importance all stakeholders attached to European projects, such as SECOVE, that have the ability to create and develop competence ecosystems where knowledge can be accessible to all and shared content can be developed, to work on digital competences in specific thematic areas (energy, smart cities, industry, etc.). In addition, they believed that Erasmus projects also allow to create the necessary framework of trust to develop stable strategic alliances over time.

The participants also agreed on the need to create a collaborative network and a roadmap at Basque Country level to see how to reach targeted companies.


It was mentioned that dual training (paid internships combined with studying in a VET center) is not always the best option for companies (especially large ones).

All the stakeholders believed that organizing more events, such as the workshop, which gives the opportunity to meet, involve and contact both vocational training centers and companies is a good way to identify and involve relevant local stakeholders.

They were informed about the aim of the project to establish 5 national Roadmaps. Their input will be taken into account in the development of the Roadmap for the establishment of a Centre of Vocational Excellence in Spain and they will be informed and updated about its development assuring their involvement in the whole process.

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