SECOVE Observatory Workshop in Košice

ASTRA together with the Slovak partners of the SECOVE project Centres of Excellence for Sustainable Energy (project no. 101056201) organized a workshop on 29.11.2023 dedicated to the inclusiveness and attractiveness of vocational education and training in the sector of renewable and sustainable energy sources in Slovakia.

The group of 29 workshop participants included university and secondary school students and teachers, education policy makers, as well as representatives of the industrial sector.

The introductory part of the workshop focused on the introduction of the SECOVE project, the objectives and outputs of Work Package 5 Inclusion and Attractiveness and the Report Inclusion and Attractiveness of VET – the situation in Slovakia.

The next part of the workshop was a moderated discussion focusing mainly on the following points:

– What would you recommend to do or change to make vocational training in the renewable and sustainable energy sector more attractive and inclusive?

– Inclusion and attractiveness in your school: a view from two sides

– Inclusion and attractiveness from the perspective of policy makers

– Required, suggested improvements and recommendations for policy makers

In the final section, ASTRA presented the next activities of the project.

The views and suggestions gathered during the discussion will be used as inputs for further project activities.

The evaluation of the workshop showed that all participants found the workshop useful and 95% of them would recommend such an event as a positive opportunity to raise awareness on the topic of inclusiveness and attractiveness of VET. Almost 90% of the participants are interested in further activities and outputs of the SECOVE project.

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