Transnational Workshop in Greece

Following the conclusion of the National workshops, the SECOVE Transnational Workshop concluded the structured dialogue and released the main conclusions regarding excellence on VET in the field of Sustainable Energy.

The aim was to set the basis for the development of the Roadmap to the SECOVE platform. 
University of West Attica (UNIWA), the coordinator of the SECOVE project, hosted in its premises the transnational workshop – “Establishing SECOVE platform” on the 29th of November 2022.

Representatives of all project partners attended the Transnational workshop that followed the structure of the National ones.

After the opening remarks and the presentation of results of the national workshops, the participants were divided in groups and brainstormed on the following topics:

  • What does excellence mean in Vocational Education and Training?
  • Which are the challenges and needs of different stakeholders?
  • How SECOVE will address the vision for excellence?

After the brainstorming session, each working group appointed a person to present their ideas with the rest of participants and exchange opinions on the matter.

Regarding the first topic, the participants presented their proposals in establishing excellence in teaching and learning, in cooperation and partnerships and in governance and funding in VET. Recommendations included among others:

  • Developing new and improved curricula, enriched with new technologies with strong links to the current labor market needs,
  • Creation of hubs that can provide dual benefits for businesses and VET institutions
  • Fostering inclusion and diversity across VET.

On the challenges and needs of different stakeholders on achieving excellence, the participants highlighted among others the need of involvement and the creation of synergies with multi-sectoral stakeholders (schools, VET providers, public authorities, research centers, industry experts, professionals), expressed their concern on access to steady and continuous funding and noted the lack of proper information on Vocational Education and Training as well as its importance.


Finally, the working groups provided recommendations on how SECOVE will address the vision for excellence, bearing in mind the local contexts and their real needs, trends and opportunities for sustainable energy. Among others, the participants proposed the creation of modular training units about sustainable energy for IVET and CVET that can be incorporated into existing VET courses, collaboration of VET organizations and companies in Sustainable Energy sector for conducting microprojects with the students involvement, as well as close collaboration between other COVEs (e.g. common projects, mobilities, workshops, exchange of experiences).

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